Top Posts

This is what’s hot on this blog, according to the lovely readers (also known as posts with the most hits/views).

1. Step-child syndrome — It’s a thing and people are Googling it and finding this blog. Sorry!

2. Why I will never wear high heels again — A true story

3. Running for silver — Recap on Nike Women’s Marathon 2011

4. What’s wrong? Why aren’t you drinking? — Please explain why it’s “not OK” to drink alcohol

5. Sure, looks don’t matter — An analysis on appearance and why I want my future kids to be ugly …

6. Missing, lost and/or found — On college ultimate frisbee

7. The story of a runner’s first triathlon — Danskin 2012 and overcoming some fears

8. Move aside Valentine’s Day. We’ve got two birthdays to celebrate! — A true exclamation

9. Chicago Marathon — Overwhelming in every sense — The first time I cried during a race

10.  Life Rules — The best advice I have ever received (and from a stranger in a restroom)


And, a few “honorable mentions”

Losing weight — A weighty issue — How I (accidentally) lost weight

A good day to be alive — That’s self-explanatory




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