Injured runner update: No update

I went back to the doctor like two weeks ago. He said basically what I figured he would say.

To keep at it with PT. Don’t run yet because all my “hard work” of resting will be for nothing if I start back up while my body isn’t 100 percent.

I didn’t have any questions for him.

I think I knew he was going to tell me those things — or some form of it.

The big teller of it all is that when he had me lay down on my side, and when he pushed my leg down, I’m still not able to push back. My leg can still easily be pushed down.

Gotta keep strengthening those hips. Gotta keep strengthening those glutes.

Oh, and when I am walking or just sitting, gotta make sure my knees do not fall outwards. (My body naturally does this but it’s bad mechanics for runners, or just humans in general).

Am I frustrated? Yeah.

Am I going to be sad and mope about it? No.

It’s been more than a year of being injured and I’m not quitting now.

That’s the “update” for now, anyway.



The I-didn’t-do-anything / I-did-a-lot summer

I’m still in denial that it’s September. (Even though September is about to be over).

I want to grasp on to summer for as long as possible because I feel like I “didn’t do anything.” I didn’t get outdoors as much as I would have liked. I didn’t go on a single camping/backpacking trip. I haven’t gotten back into running from my +1 year-long injury.

Sigh … where did summer go? What have I been doing? Because, the thing is, I feel like I was busy all summer despite not feeling like I did everything I wanted to do.

When I really think long and hard about it though. I had a pretty darn good summer.


I experienced my first total solar eclipse. Yep, my family and I drove down to Salem from Seattle and was in the line of totality. I won’t gush on and on about it but it truly was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. And, there is a huge difference between seeing a total solar eclipse and even a 90-something percent eclipse. If you ever have a chance to see totality, do it. Trust me. (OK, done preaching).

We celebrated my dad’s retirement! Couldn’t be more proud of his dedication and work with the Boeing Company. He spent his entire career there!


We celebrated many friends’ new marriages.

I snuck in six hikes in a row in the last six weeks! (Yes, seven weeks ago I had an “Oh no! I-haven’t-gone-on-a-single-hike-freak-out-moment.”)

I fully participated in Ragnar Trail Rainier (even if that meant not fully running it).


Saw the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit (!!!)

Oh, and Jury Duty. That was a new experience in itself.

Summer is officially over on Friday and I’m sad to say good-bye but at the same time, I feel like I had a very complete and fulfilling summer.

Yes, I’m still injured. But, I’m not broken.

As soon as I got back into my car after seeing my orthopedic doc, the tears started streaming down my face. I didn’t even know I was going to cry. But, cars always make you feel safe enough to just let it all out, right?

I don’t need surgery. (Yay!)

I still have a solid three to four months to allow my stress fracture to heal. (Boo!)


The weather during my appointment reflected how I felt at the time. 

Going into the appointment I knew I would be getting some answers, some clarity on my knee injury. After all, I have been an obedient injured runner and have not run since the beginning of August — OK, OK, except for one bout in the fall when I literally ran for like five minutes and it wasn’t even continuous.

My knee pain comes and goes.

But, all I can do now is just give it more time.

I’ve been so quiet about my injury lately that people have forgotten about it. A colleague texted me a link to an upcoming trail race the other day. Others ask me when my next race will be. I just politely smile and say I still cannot run.

It’s frustrating.

I’m just glad that I mentally prepared before the holidays and told myself I would not be running any marathons in 2017. Now with the news that I must wait longer to be fully recovered, I know that at best I will begin to ease into jogging sometime during the summer.

Summer feels so far away.

And, what about the two races I have already registered for? What I thought would be my “comeback race” in April will now either be a DNS (Did Not Start) or I will have to just walk the 10K — if there is no time cutoff. I’m still holding out hope for Ragnar Rainier in August …

It’s frustrating.

A friend told me that my several more months of rest will be worth the wait. I have my whole lifetime ahead to keep running, she said. (“And, you’re so young — thank goodness you don’t need to start on the surgery route!” she chimed in.)

I know she’s right. I’m still injured, but I’m not broken.

Good things on the horizon

Can we just pause for a second.

How are we already one month done with 2016?

I’m afraid to blink for fear that the year will be half over!

But, there are many good things on the horizon.

  • My first ultra in a little over a month! The fact that it is so soon is terrifying to me!
  • My college roommate’s wedding in Hawaii in a month! Bonus that I have family there so I’ll get to visit my own people and it won’t be one of those “Ugh, I’m going to a destination wedding”-type of weddings. You know what I’m talking about …
  • My very dearest Phyllis is getting married in two months — are you sensing a pattern here? — and I have the honor of being her maid of honor. Ahh, I’m so excited!
  • Soccer season will be starting up again very soon! Go Sounders!

I have other things I could add to this list but I don’t want to get too excited as I type this and hear the wind blowing and the rain pouring down outside.

What are you looking forward to on the horizon?

Or, are you just ready to hit pause because you have so much going on right now?

Being busy never hurt anyone.

Banking the miles

I went from training for my first 25K trail race over the summer to now training for the Seattle Half Marathon.

What’s odd is that I don’t even feel like I’m training.

Last weekend was supposed to be an 8-miler for the long run. I split it up to 6 miles of continuous running followed by about 1.5 miles of ultimate Frisbee. I used my Garmin to track the distance and with all the stop-and-go of ultimate, it definitely wasn’t 1.5 miles of continuous running. But, I counted it as my 8-miler for the weekend.

This coming weekend I have 9 miles on deck. With the Halloween 5K race followed by (another) ultimate Frisbee game later that day, there’s really no time for a long run. And my Sunday is already pretty full with non-running activities. What is a runner to do?

I did my long run for the weekend today. Yes, on a Tuesday evening.

I ran the five miles home (like I often do as a one-way run commuter) and then dropped my pack at home where Joanna joined me for four more miles. We did an out and back from the house and talked the entire time as evening turned into dark night. We finished the run around 7 p.m. and I was glad I wore my headlamp.

I’m glad to bank the miles in now since I won’t have time this weekend, but I hope this doesn’t skew my training too badly. (Wednesday and Thursday weren’t options for doing a long run after work because of prior commitments and I didn’t want to do the long run the night before my 5K).

My weekend self will be thankful I banked the miles earlier in the week, right?

I hope so.

Two years ago today, last year today and today today

Facebook reminded me that exactly five years ago, it was my first day on the job as a newspaper reporter.

Pictured: On the job, but not first day

It was my first “real job” out of college.

This post is inspired by this one that was written exactly four years ago.


Two years ago today I was five months into my second clinical research job. I was learning a lot about Parkinson’s disease since that was our research focus. I was becoming good friends with my coworkers, which was really wigging me out.

Last year today not much had changed from the previous year. I was looking forward to crushing the Portland Marathon in a month (but failed miserably).

And, today today I am three months fresh into an entirely new marketing job. Gone are the days where I wore a lab coat and processed bloods. Gone are the early pre-7 a.m. drives to work. I am now a bus commuter — and often times a run home commuter.

I’m pleased to say that one of my old coworkers is now one of my closest friends.

I don’t know when my next full marathon will be and I am ok with that looking forward to it none the less!

What were you doing two years ago?