2017 Running Year in Review

It was a tough year for running. Because, during this entire year, I can only say I ran twice.

You see, I’m classifying running as time spent outside with no walk intervals/breaks. So, the only time I did run was 30 slow minutes on Thanksgiving with high school cross-country friends and 30 slower minutes in snow with my cousin and Uncle on Christmas.


I first got injured Memorial Day weekend of 2016, a mere three-ish weeks before the Alaska Marathon. I ran the marathon (just to finish) and I did. A month later I was diagnosed with a stress fracture on the side of my knee — and it’s been a long road to recovery since then.

This year, running taught me to be patient and to be diligent.

I didn’t run at all during the first half of the year. I was told I needed to keep resting.

In the summer, since the knee pain hadn’t completely gone away, I sought a second opinion and learned that my stress fracture had in fact healed but that now I have patellar femoral pain (AKA runner’s knee!)

How does one get runner’s knee when she hasn’t been running? Because I’ve been staying active hiking, swimming and a little biking, but not doing proper strengthening — especially to my hips and glutes.

I was referred to physical therapy and have been going since August. Just as I used to wake up early or rearrange my schedule to get my runs in, I do the same for my PT exercises. Also, I’m at the point where I’m very very close to being done with my “Return to Running” program which means that in about a week I will officially be able to run without having to take any walk breaks!

Honestly, I’ve been not running for so long — more than a year-and-half — that sometimes it doesn’t even bother me. I’ve somehow gotten used to it. I feel like friends and family who I’ve seen for the holidays are more upset with how long my recovery is taking than I am.


But, I’m ready for 2018. I’m so ready to run.


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