Every step counts

For the past 20 days, I have walked at least 10,000 steps per day. It actually isn’t as easy as it seems. On a low day, my steps were at 10,065. On a high day, I was at 14,317.

Here are a few actions I’ve taken to ensure I reach my step goals while being an injured runner:

  • Going to the mall on a Friday night just to walk so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain and darkness.
  • Walking circles in my tiny apartment (for the remaining 3,000 steps!)
  • Waking up earlier to get ~20 minutes of walking in before the start of my work day.

My plan is to continue with this step goal until I am running again. And, into the new year I will need to do more or something else because I went to the doctor on Friday to get my hand evaluated — everything is fine! — and was horrified to find out I have gained 6 pounds.

Now, I know that I’ve gained some weight because I’ve beeb feeling pudgy. But, seeing an actual number that is more than one or two or three pounds is kind of alarming. I mean, even though my last run was four months ago, the last time I was actually consistently running was about six months ago. So, I guess gaining one pound a month kind of makes sense? Ugh.

I’m going to ponder this on my next walk. And, try not to get too worked up about it.



One thought on “Every step counts

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