Injured Runner: Looking ahead


This is what I wrote back in July, before knowing I had a stress fracture on the side of my knee:

Over the weekend, I found a coupon code that reduced the Seattle Half Marathon price from the current $115 to $89. I jumped on it since it was such a great deal. (Less than $100 for the Seattle Half? Yes, please!) I also convinced Phyllis to sign up as well!

I know I may be jumping the gun a little since as it stands, I am not running regularly at all. But, I have hope. And, putting a race on the calendar for the end of fall helps me to be able to work towards something specific.

Actually, my first goal is to be healthy to run the Ragnar Trail Cascades race in September. That’s been on the books for more than a year (because last year’s race got cancelled due to forest fires).

I have time to rest and heal and be up and running this fall, right? It’s not like I’m expecting to PR. (I’ll be putting down PR goals for 2017 races).

I’ve always known running to parallel life.

Right now I’m learning to be p-a-t-i-e-n-t.


That runner  was being so optimistic. So much so that she wasted that $89 because she was not able to run the Seattle Half, which resulted in Phyllis doing it on her own.

She didn’t get to run the Ragnar relay with her friends. She went, she captained, she volunteered. But, she did not run. September was still too optimistic.

Now it is December.

What does she do now?

A few months ago, she was optimistic because she wasn’t experiencing any knee pain because she hadn’t been running.

But now there is pain and she doesn’t know why. It feels different though. It’s kind of a dull pain that comes and goes. Sometimes she feels it on her knee cap — which is really weird, right?

She feels like a forlorn runner.

Her appointment with the orthopedic doc isn’t until January.

What is she supposed to do until then?

How is she supposed to stay positive?

She’s stopped thinking about “big races” in 2017. She’s even told herself that she won’t be running a marathon just so she doesn’t get her heart broken when she realizes she truly won’t have enough time to get fit, train and PR once she is healthy.

Right now she feels h-o-p-e-l-e-s-s.


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