Moving forward

As an inured runner, I have never wanted to run more than I have wanted to today. (Maybe tonight will be my comeback to running?)

As an American, I have never been so embarrassed and ashamed of my country.

I went to bed just before midnight (Pacific time). I didn’t want to wait for the election to be called. I wasn’t going to watch him give his acceptance speech.

When I woke up this morning, I had an ever-so-slight glimmer of hope. Maybe something changed? Maybe the ballots got counted incorrectly? Maybe Florida had a recount? Maybe there was a miracle?


I scrolled through my Facebook feed and read through countless posts from friends, former classmates and colleagues, mutual friends, teammates and family members. They all had similar sentiments. They are heartbroken. They are deeply saddened. They are scared for communities that this man has specifically targeted. They are scared for our country as a whole. They don’t know how to explain this to their children, to their students. They are angry. They are furious. They are confused.

I cried multiple times getting ready for work.

Then I called my mom and she (sort of) put things into perspective.

Nothing will change in the immediate immediate future. We cannot be sad for the next four years. 

And, she also reminded me that here in Seattle, we live in an unrealistic version of society. Seattle is very liberal. I do not know a single people who voted for this man. But, for the rest of the country, people have drastically different opinions. They are uneducated. They will therefore buy into the scare-tactics that were dished out to them. In a sense, this man provides a different kind of hope for them.

How do we reach these people? How do we come together? How do we move forward?



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