Rocking the vote — by just voting

I wrote this post four years ago. My thoughts still hold true — more than ever before.

Do not vote because you do not like the two options you have (for president of the United States of America). Because the fact is, you have options. You have a voice. You can make a difference.

And, it starts local, too. Read all the initiatives carefully before you vote (yes, I’m talking to you fellow King County voters).

Let’s do this. Let’s all vote. There are people who live in other parts of the world who would die to have a voice, to have their opinions counted. Let’s not let our privileges, our rights, go to waste.

OK, that’s it for me. Back to my “poor me, I’m injured and can’t run” ramblings soon 🙂

Ready, set, KO!

Now, I’m pretty sure those close to me know that I am not into politics. (I know, a former journalist who wasn’t into politics? Shocking!) I skim the headlines and roll my eyes, or sometimes will read the actual stories.

But, just because I am not gung-ho about politics, doesn’t mean I do not vote.

I do vote. In fact, one year I missed the primaries because I was out of the country and I felt really bad. I made sure that it wouldn’t happen again. It hasn’t.

Many Facebook friends post comments about Romney this or Obama that with links to news articles or YouTube videos, about issues that are important to them. They are posting them for “the world” to see because they want a reaction, they want people to think.

Most times I don’t click on what they post (sorry, no offense). I don’t post things of…

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