93 days

It’s been 93 days since my last run.

Or, 3 months, or 13+ weeks …

However you break it down, it’s been quite a while for a runner who has more-or-less never stopped running since high school cross-country. (For reference, said high school days were more than a decade ago!)

I just came back from a fantastic vacation across the globe — what up, Beijing! — where  I was more worried about getting spit on or whacked by selfie sticks than I was about not being about to run.

Now that I’m back to every day life, I’m being reminded that I am an injured runner.

But, I’m feeling that I could soon be ready to get back at it. And, by get back at it, I mean start running again.

I’m nervous because I’m worried that it may be too soon. (But, I have no pain!) I’m also nervous because I know it will be frustrating to start with a walk/jog regimen and slowly build up my fitness and strength again. (But, I know it’s the only way without re-injuring myself).

What do we say? Wait ’til a good round number like 100? After 100 days, should I clear myself for running?

Maybe, maybe not. But, I’ll be counting.


4 thoughts on “93 days

  1. 100 days is a nice round number or 99 days would be good too! It’s funny how you keep track, right? I just ran on the Alter G for the first time and my PT was like how long has it been since you last ran? I was like oh, I don’t know, 8 weeks, and then I fessed up and said oh, I know exactly. 8 weeks and 2 days. 🙂

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