Do you miss running?

“When you see someone running, do you miss running?” my coworker asked me.

“I miss running every single day,” I responded. “Regardless of whether or not I see a runner.”

IMG_4596My response may have come out a little annoyed. But, it was the truth. And as the words left my mouth, I became very sad.

I’ve gone nearly three months without running. By no means have I gotten used to this non-running life of mine. But, I hadn’t really been dwelling (too much lately) on the fact that I can’t run.

It almost makes it more real when people ask you about “how not running is going.” I’m tired of talking about my not running. Probably just as much as non-runners hate seeing their runner-friends brag about their latest PR or marathon or speedy tempo run on Facebook.

Tonight when I went on a walk, I changed into jeans and really layered up despite it not being that cold outside. I was worried that if I went out wearing running clothes, I would try to do a little running.

But, deep down I know that I’ve come this far not running to start running now. The knee needs a bit more time to heal and become normal again.

I miss running so much that I’m not running right now because when I return to running, I want to return to it for good. I don’t want to have any more injuries, setbacks, painful marathons.

But, yes, I miss running a lot.


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