Walking it out


I’ve been trying to do more walking now that I am not running.

With walking, you are able to take in more of your surroundings than you can while on a run. Or, maybe I’m just a bad multi-tasker …

I try to go on a walk during my lunch break, but if time (or weather) does not allow, I make sure to go on a walk after work when I get home.


Walking is not the same as running. I don’t get that same “feel good” feeling I get from running. But, at least it is exercise. And, if I don’t bring my phone with me, I can still reflect on walks. (Reflecting on runs is one of my favorite things about running).

My knee has not been hurting but every once in a while I get a funny sensation. I don’t know how to describe it exactly. Sometimes it feels like there is a knot in my knee. Sometimes it just feels mildly achy.

So, all I can do for now is to just walk it out.


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