Even when it rains

We’re starting to get real rain here in Seattle.

Not drizzles. Not off-and-on rain. Like, torrential downpours.

Along with that, we have the potential to experience one of the worst wind storms our state has ever seen.

But, I’m not hear to write about Washington state’s weather patterns and history.

I’m here to say that while I didn’t envy runners I saw out there in the heat of August, I am jealous of those brave souls out there now in the “crummy fall weather” In August, it didn’t look fun. I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I’ve always been a runner who would rather run in rain/cold than super dry/super hot conditions. So, now that I see runners out in the dark, in the pouring rain, I am oh-so jealous.

These are my people.

It’s easy to run through the summer when the days are longer and the only moisture on your body is from your own sweat.

And, running in the rain isn’t always so bad. It is invigorating. It makes you feel like a bad ass (especially if it’s a run commute!)

One of my fondest memories from high school cross-country  was when we were out for a rainy run my freshman year. It was my first run where we had to run in a downpour. At first I tried to avoid puddles but after about five minutes of failure I realized it wasn’t that bad to get your feet wet. It made me feel strong to be out there with my teammates and brave the elements together.

If you feel like staying in because you don’t want to run in the cold or the rain, remember that this type of weather can be one of the best types to run and train in. There’s nothing else like it.

If I’m not convincing you, just go out and do it for me. Go out and run because you can!


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