New activities, not enough time

It’s been 10 weeks since my last run.

When I first got news of my stress fracture, I was told that it could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks at minimum, to 6 months at most to fully heal. So, I’m past the “early recovery period” but I am too scared to try running.

Because I know I’m not ready to go out and run because my left knee — where the injury is — does not always feel completely normal. It never out-right hurts. It just sometimes doesn’t feel as strong as the normal knee. It sometimes feels a bit achy, it feels like it is about to start hurting.

So, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied non-running activities. As of late I have:


Taken up up journal/scrap-booking. Phyllis has gotten me into the Travelers Notebook-frenzy so I’ve been spending a lot of time writing about recent events and happenings in my notebook. It takes time to make those pages look pretty!


Been keeping a watchful eye on Rialto. I’ve been obsessed with the baby sea otter that was rescued off the coast of Washigton state. The Seattle Aquarium took care of him at first but once they knew he would make a recovery, he moved to the Vancouver Aquarium because Seattle didn’t have space to permanently keep him. Luckily, Vancouver has a live camera feed of Rialto. I watch the feed very often.


Been trying to bike. So far I have only gone on one ride (pictured above). Bryce and I did 16 miles on the Burke Gilman. I don’t feel safe riding anywhere else because I’m not a strong enough biker/cyclist to ride with cars. If I can’t run, I can still try to keep fit, right?

What activities have you taken part in during a running injury? I’m always looking for new ideas!


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