I miss running

I’ve been having major ups and major down with the whole not-running thing.

In all honesty, the month of August flew by. It got pretty hot temperature-wise in Seattle so I didn’t mind not being able to run.

But, fall running is one of my favorite things. Fall running meant cross-country season when I was in high school. Cross-country is where I learned to hate and then love running. It’s the sport that brought me my closest friends.

Essentially, since that sophomore year of cross-country when I really started getting into running, I haven’t stopped. Sure, I’ve taken breaks here and there after big races. But, even when I was “taking a break,” I would still go out on a run at least once a week.

I know I wrote about not being a downer about this whole injury thing. I said I would take time to do other activities. And, I have!

September was jam-packed with adventures nearly every weekend: A Vancouver day trip, a Victoria weekend get-away, Ragnar Trail Cascades, Bryce’s birthday, friends’ wedding … but now, I am sitting here remembering again that I cannot run.

Kara Goucher put it best: I missed running. I missed the feeling, I missed the impact. Swimming, cycling, those are good, but they just don’t give me the same feeling that running does. 

I’m no elite athlete, but I completely 100 percent with her words.

I don’t feel like myself when I’m not running. I’m not getting my daily dose of therapy when I’m not running. I don’t know how to clear my mind. I’ve been feeling more tired lately (despite getting adequate sleep). I don’t feel like myself.

When I drive by someone even doing a slow yog — yes, one step down from a jog! — I am jealous. I’ll take slow shuffling over not running.

I won’t ever take running for granted.


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