Dreaming of the next race

You know that even though I can’t run, I’ve been thinking, dreaming of my next race.

Here are my current thoughts:

I want to tackle another road marathon next year and finally sub-4 hour in the marathon. Realistically though, I feel I won’t be up and running to my normal fitness level until early next year. As far as nothing goes wrong (*knocking on wood*) I should be able to ease into training for the California International Marathon (CIM) which is always at the beginning of December. This race would be more than a year away from right now. That’s manageable, right?

The thing is, I don’t know for sure.

Do I really want to put in all the time and energy and effort just to re-injury myself and then not reach my time goal on top of that? Should I hold off on racing a road marathon in 2017 all together?

I’ve come across several other runners who have shared their own stress fracture stories with me and how some took a year or more to get back to “really running.”

If that’s the case, I will focus on getting fast at just the half marathon.

Training for a half marathon doesn’t take quite as much of the dedication and mileage as a full marathon. It’s been several years since I PR’d a half marathon, maybe it’s time I focus on that again.

I’ve heard great things about the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon, which I could do next September.

But, is putting the pressure to PR a half marathon just as bad as trying the PR a full? Should I just throw PR’ing a road race out the window entirely and just run? Maybe do a few shorter distance trail races and call it a year in 2017?

It’s funny because Bryce, Phyllis, Andrew and I have been making these “elaborate” plans to do all these running adventures and races in the coming years.

Enchantments hike/run-through 2017! Oahu Ragnar Trail Race 2018! An Alaska Wilderness Race 2019! Patagonia 2020!

All of that would be nice. They are all just dreams right now.


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