Realizing how I became a runner

Now that I’m not running, it’s become evident as to why I am a runner in the first place.

I’m lazy.

The pool I had been going to has been closed for the summer season since the beginning of September and I’ve yet to find an alternative way to get cardio in. The easy solution would be to find a gym with a pool. That takes time to visit gyms and make sure the pools aren’t packed during times I would typically swim. Then signing up and paying for membership. And then driving to said pool/gym a few times a week. Just thinking about this sounds tiring to me! It has me thinking about next summer … “my summer pool” is a mere 10-minute drive from my house!

I don’t participate in any other activities because they require a lot more planning and time, than just putting on your running shoes, opening the door and going outside and running!

I know once I get into another pool routine, like I had in the summer, it’ll all be good and fine. I just need to get to that point. And, sitting here on my computer really isn’t helping.

I’ve had other people suggest yoga and barre as alternatives to running during this time. Do you have any favorite activities? Or, if you live in Seattle: Do you have any specific favorite gyms?


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