It’s all part of your narrative

I’m not one to fangirl over celebrities or professional athletes. I don’t know what kind of conversation I would have if I ever had the chance to meet Taylor Swift, for example.

I did however have the pleasure of meeting my very first Olympian last week and it was such a blast.

Kate Grace not only kicked major butt on the track in the 800 meter event, she also technically is my teammate via the Oiselle team. She is also super smart, nice and funny! (She has a very comic story of getting locked in a bathroom before her semis heat in Rio!)


Kate Grace and Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen

Oiselle hosted a Q&A event at its Seattle flagship store where Kate shared her recent experiences in Rio. Afterwards, we were able to meet with Kate individually if we wanted to. I didn’t really know what I wanted to say to her. What stuck with me the most during her talk to the group was that everything we go through as a runner is an essential part of our own narrative. This includes getting injured, she said.

These words spoke volumes to me. And, can also be applied to life in general.

So, I thanked her for that. And, because she is so humble and caring, she even asked me details about my injury and wished me a speedy recovery.


As a runner who is currently sidelined with a stress fracture — my first “real” injury, mind you — it was very inspiring to hear Kate’s experiences first hand from such a hard-working and kind runner. Not many even knew who she was going into Rio yet she competed in the 800M finals of the Olympics! (Also, did you know she PR’d in her semis heat of the Olympics and then got another PR on top of that post-Olympics?!)

I may be injured now, but I won’t be forever.

And, reflecting more now, I’m coming to real terms that this moment in my “running career” is just one small portion of it. I will be stronger because of it. I will have time for other things because of it.

I’m obviously no Olympian or even an elite athlete or even a Boston marathoner, but everything holds true for all runners. Everything is just part of your story, your narrative.


Thank you, Kate for reminding me of these things. You are an inspiration to so many runners and I’m excited to see you crush more races and take more names in the near future!


3 thoughts on “It’s all part of your narrative

  1. I loved reading this. All so true. Kate Grace is so inspiring, and so are you! I agree with you – I have no desire to meet anyone famous but I will say that fast Kate is a role model of mine and I would be very honored to meet her! (jealous!) 😉

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