Being busy not running

You’re probably wondering what happened to me over the past 10 days.

Did Kristin fall into a sad slumber and begin hibernation early while injured? Has she turned into a hardcore swimmer with a new swimming blog we don’t know about? Is she off the grid without wifi in some soul-searching outdoor adventure? Did she just forget about us?

Turns out I have a life outside of merely just running. (And, the answer is “no” to those hypothetical reader questions).

I have quite a few blog posts up my sleeve — even a Ragnar Trail Cascades race recap from a non-running captain’s perspective! — so stay tuned, loyal readers.

It’s a sunny (maybe last summer-ish) day in Seattle but I’m posted up at a coffee shop sipping my iced green tea latte and typing vigorously away!

These blog posts will be coming in hot throughout the week. Stay tuned 🙂



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