Becoming a swimmer

I don’t think I will ever call myself a swimmer.

But, hey, I can be someone who swims on the regular!

I ramped up swimming this week, which may or may not have been influenced by the fact that the (outdoor) pool I go to is in its last week for the summer season, and it felt great!

Is it possible to get endorphins from a swim? Because, I never feel great like I do on a runner’s-high-type-o-great.

But, each day I have swam this week, I’ve left the pool feeling overall tired and that I got a “decent” workout in.

I swam a little over one mile each time I swam this week — FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.


With all this swimming, Bryce is trying to convince me to make my comeback next year by doing a half-ironman.

My response was that I want to focus on breaking 4 hours at the marathon first.

“Just think how great of shape you will be in! You’ll crush your marathon coming off of a half-ironman!” was his response to my response.

Point made.

The crazy thing out of this conversation is I didn’t immediately respond with a big fat “no” to his half-ironman suggestion.


Who am I?

Not running is giving me crazy ideas. I swim five days in a row and suddenly now I think I may be able to swim a mile, bike 56 miles and run a half marathon all in one go?

Maybe I can.

For now, I need to research “affordable” gyms that have a pool so I can continue my swimming regimen. The thought of having to spend my fall and winter in a gym with a bike or elliptical just seems so, depressing …





2 thoughts on “Becoming a swimmer

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