Being an injured runner who doesn’t act like an injured runner

I know I’ve been a little mopey lately.

My posts haven’t been the most uplifting and positive of posts.

But, I’m here to turn another page, to start another chapter, to begin anew.


After all, September is the new New Year!

And being mopey and sad can only get you so far bring you down.

I’m going to be the injured runner that people don’t even realize is injured. Because I’ll be busy doing other exciting fun things!

I’m going to read more. So far, I have only read three books (and one was the screenplay to the newest Harry Potter story). I’m looking to train my brain during this break time from running.

I was also at my parents’ house the other day and opened my violin case for the first time in over a year. I was never a child prodigy when it came to the violin but I wasn’t half bad. I mean, I started taking private lessons when I was 5 and continued until I graduated high school! It is a little sad that I stopped playing, but now also seems like a good time to get a little vio playing time in!

Besides reading and practicing remembering how to play violin, I am going to do something that can often be difficult to do when you are marathon training: going on a trip abroad!

My tickets are booked and I’ll fill you in on the details later. Let’s just say I’ll be visiting a high school friend in the Eastern Hemisphere in a country I have never been to before! (So exciting, right??)

I guess being injured isn’t all that bad. It’s how you treat it that determines how bad it really is. I’m realizing that this injury is giving me more time to do things “I should do” and the things I want to do but “can’t do” when I’m in serious marathon training mode.


Vancouver Marathon 2012

Plus, not only is this time off allowing my stress fracture to (obviously!) heal, it is also a time to give my body — and mind — as a whole a break. It’s a time to rest my entire body, as Joanna reminded me when I first found out I was injured.

So, I’ll be making several pitchers of lemonade over here and forgetting about that stress fracture (for the time being).


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