I’m just here to get back to running one day

I’ve been trying to go to the pool as often as possible before it closes for the season. My family belongs to a local swim club that is only open from May-September and since I cannot run, I have been trying to utilize it as much as I can.

When I went for my first swim in mid-July, I managed to do 25 laps. One lap is 50 yards so this equates to 0.7 miles. Since then, I’ve worked up to doing about 26-28 laps per swim session.

Then I tried pushing myself some more. Because, I never really feel exhausted after I jump out of the pool. I never feel completely spent like I do after a good long run.

I did 30 laps a few weeks ago, on two occasions. And then last night I did 32 laps in the pouring rain!

I just calculated that 32 laps equates to 0.9 miles. I really want to hit a one-mile swim before the pool closes for the summer in a week. I’m pretty sure I can do it. (I don’t swim for speed or anything. I’m just trying to stay fit and get some cardio in while I’m on this break from running).

Every stroke, every lap, every swim, I tell myself I am doing it all so that when I am back to running, I won’t be completely out of shape.

Same goes for the gym. I have been trying to get a bit of cycling in by going to spin class —this has only happened once so far —and using the stationary bike at my nearby gym. I hate being in the indoors and working out because I just get so darn sweaty. But, every time I have gone in, I have told myself that I am doing this all so that I am not completely bent out of shape when I am running once again.

In the back of my mind, I am doing all of this for that eventual sub-4 marathon time.

See, even when I cannot run, I can still aim towards that running goal — even if it means not running right now.


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