Brotherly moments to be thankful for

As soon as I realized I mixed up my dates and booked a weekend get-away trip on the same weekend that my family and I were supposed to go to a concert together, I knew I’d be in trouble.

While my family is close, it’s not very often that just the four of us (my mom, dad, brother and I) go out and do something together as a family. My parents used to take us on road trips, camping trips and visits to see relatives in Hawaii and Japan and California, when we were kids, but these occurrences are slim now that Michael and I don’t have summer/winter/spring breaks from school any more.

Don’t get me wrong. My family is close. Michael and I go home every Sunday night for Sunday night dinner with my parents. They always cool way too much food and there’s enough leftovers for the two of us plus Bryce and my cousin Marissa.

I was looking forward to seeing Hall and Oates with my family because it was something that my brother organized. He was the one who initiated this outing by purchasing the tickets months ago. (I can’t remember the last time my brother organized anything!)

And then, I was the negligent sister and forgot.

I knew my parents would be upset and lecture me about not being organized, for being careless.

What I forgot was that having a brother is sometimes so much easier than having a sister.

When I texted Michael apologizing that I couldn’t go to the concert, and suggesting that he ask his roommate or that friend who crashed in my parents’ basement for a year, to go along in my place, his quick response was merely: OK, no worries.

Now, I’m just speculating since I have no experience with having a sister of my own but I’d bet that if this scenario had happened with a sister, I would have gotten a string of texts back. Drama would follow. Maybe some back and forth passive aggressive messages. Maybe some tears (OK, am I going too far?)

Sometimes I dismiss having a brother. Sometimes I still wish I had gotten that baby sister. But, with brotherly moments like this one, I am reminded that it’s a truly special thing to have a brother like Michael in my life.


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