The problem with being overly positive

I thought that once I wasn’t running, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Turns out there’s a lot to think and therefore write about when you’re injured!

Last year I captained a team for Ragnar Trail Cascades. Unfortunately, we never made it to the start line. The race was canceled due to forest fires. We decided to use our race entry towards this year’s race instead.

And while this time my team will be running, I will not. I’ll be there to cheer and support, and of course, be our trusty volunteer. (Local teams are always required to provide a race volunteer).

Bryce and another teammate are picking up my two 7-mile legs and I will be walking the 3-mile loop. Essentially, I am still paying the same registration fee ($150) but for not quite the same experience I was hoping for a year ago.

Last month before I knew I had a stress fracture, I signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon at the end of November. I figured six months after I first had IT band pain, surely my injury would be better and I could run this local race that I do pretty much every Thanksgiving weekend with my high school cross-country friends. I wouldn’t be going for a PR or anything, just get one last fun run in before the end of the year.

Nope. There goes my $89 registration fee.

And don’t forget ultimate Frisbee. Around the same time I was being all positive and registering for the Seattle Half, I also bugged my friends to get our Frisbee team together for fall league. I paid my contribution for the team league fees, $54. Now there is no way I am stepping foot onto the Frisbee field this fall.

Typically I wouldn’t get so down on money. It’s just money. Yes, all of this adds up to nearly $300 … but, the reason it’s bugging me more than usual is because I got my statement from my insurance on my MRI.

I knew MRIs are not cheap. I knew I would have to pay some amount of money even with insurance. However, seeing that I owe $400 kind of hurts. (My MRI cost more than $1,000 so the rest my insurance is covering).

Here’s to a fall of penny pinching and heckling on the sidelines while my friends play ultimate.


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