Injured runner: Be still

I woke up Thursday with sore/tight quads.

Like, the slight soreness that you feel when you had a good workout the day before. Just enough that it is noticeable when you walk. Nothing too crazy.

Funny thing is, I haven’t worked out in about a week.

I did get an MRI on my left knee Wednesday afternoon.

All I can deduce is that I was trying to make my body (and especially my legs) be so still that I was unknowingly clenching my quads the entire time!

For those of you who have never gotten an MRI before, it is an interesting experience. It was my first time and I knew going into it that the machine would make loud noises. I had no idea that it could make so many different types of loud noises.

And even with ear plugs on, it was very loud!

Unlike some MRIs that take hours, mine was roughly 20 minutes.

And, it was done in various increments. So, I didn’t have to be still for 20 minutes straight. The shortest span was 15 seconds and the longest three-and-a-half minutes. And, the technician always told me before she started the machine as to how long I would have to be still.

The tech told me I could move my hands a little if I got too restless. I was worried that if I moved my hands, I may inadvertently move another part of my body. So, I basically just tried to not move at all.

The entire time I kept telling myself that when I am back to running again, I am going to take better care of my body.

I mean, I didn’t feel like I was being negligent before, but I suppose there is always room for improvement.

I also did a lot of blank starring at the ceiling. Lucky for me, since the imaging was just on my knee, I didn’t have to be fully under the machine. It ended at about my stomach area so my head was not covered.

I’m very anxious and nervous to receive the results from the MRI but I have to wait until Tuesday when I’m scheduled to see the doc. I even called Thursday morning to see if there were any cancelations to be able to see him earlier, but, nope.

I’m trying to stay positive. I’m watching a lot of Olympics. But, seeing all the athletes break world records while I just sit reminds me that I cannot do anything. Well, anything except for some swimming and my PT exercises …

Can it just be Tuesday already?


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