Injured runner: V1 to the orthopedic doc

I ran 4 out of the 5 miles home on Monday. It was my first run home since May.


Too hot. 

I went to physical therapy on Tuesday.

I swam on Wednesday.

And, on Thursday I went in for my first visit with the orthopedic doctor.


At least the patient rooms have a view.

I guess I was hoping for some magical answer even though the level-headed part of my brain knew that I wouldn’t be magically healed after one visit. I knew that I would probably need some imaging done, like an MRI.

And, that’s what the doc says. He did an exam and told me my injury could be one of three things.

  1. IT band
  2. Lateral meniscus
  3. Articular cartilage

A visual for you. 

Getting an MRI done would tell us what exactly is going on. At this point, I guess I hope it is #1 (IT band injury still). We didn’t get into details and into “what ifs” because there’s no sense crying over unspilled milk, right?

Of course the endless fears and thoughts are spiraling in my brain.

What if it is a serious tear? What if this off-and-on running I have been doing has been causing more harm to the injury? What if I need surgery? (Followed by: My mom is going to kill me if I have to get surgery. For sure she will “ban me” from ever running again!) What if I can never run a marathon again? Will I be able to run the Ragnar trail race in September that I have organized with my friends?

OK, I’ll stop with the overreacting.

This may be a longer recovery and healing process than I first thought.

Or, it may not.

For now though, the doc strongly encouraged me to not run until we have sorted out exactly what is going on (i.e. after we go over MRI results).

So, I guess I may as well get some house cleaning done this weekend and finish reading The Cursed Child. 

And, think endless positive thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Injured runner: V1 to the orthopedic doc

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