Injured runner: I’m tired

I’m tired.

I’m tired of not running.

I’m tired of swimming.

Im tired of going to PT.

I’m tired of not knowing when I’ll be completely healthy again.

As far as health and injuries go, I know I am at the lower end of the spectrum. I can walk without pain. I can hike without pain. Climbing up and down stairs don’t really hurt anymore.

But, that one thing in life that I hold so dear, I cannot fully do.

I run about once or twice a week, but as the weeks have passed since my mid-June marathon, so dwindles my fitness and strength.

Now when I go for a short run, I feel slow, heavy, achy … and it’s not just in my left knee.

Maybe I am down because I can visibly tell that I have gained weight. Some of my shirts are tugging tighter around my stomach than they did before. Maybe I am down because I have been consistently doing my PT exercises for the last two months and while the IT band has subsided/gone away, now I am having pain directly behind the knee.

And, because of this behind-the-knee pain along with slight swelling, my PT has suggested I see a physician. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. I’m hoping this doc will have the solution to my injury. I’m hoping to get some answers.

Because, right now, I’m so tired.


4 thoughts on “Injured runner: I’m tired

  1. All of the best with you injuries hope it is not too serious I’m in the same boat did my last marathon end of May,have 4 weeks to train for my next one but the pain just does not wanna go away after rest,foam rolling etc I’m just so frustrated.

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