Injured runner: Three weeks of not running

I hate to use the phrase “blessing in disguise” but it really has been that. I’ve been so busy the last three weeks that I have not had time to stop and realize that I haven’t been running. Even if I could physically run, my schedule has been so swamped I wouldn’t have had the time.

I’ve continued physical therapy and when I saw my physical therapist last week, she told me to go on a run this weekend so we can reassess my knee/IT band. Because, this is what we know about it right now:

  • Doesn’t hurt to walk or hike long distances.
  • Starts to hurt/ache when walking up stairs at times. But, the achy-ness is not consistent. Sometimes it starts after a few steps, sometimes there is no affect after several flights of stairs.
  • Sometimes it feels tight and like it is about to start hurting (but there is no severe pain).

Running aggravated it (a lot) at the end of my training for the Anchorage Marathon last month.

I’m going to give a little 3-mile trial tomorrow morning. It’ll be the first time lacing my running kicks since June 18 (the marathon day!) IΒ reallyΒ hope I can run 3 miles pain free. Otherwise, this may be a longer road to recovery than I anticipated.

But, to leave (some of you) on a high note, I got to meet Richard Sherman the other night. (Go Seahawks!)





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