Anchorage Marathon: First Thoughts

First thoughts from the Anchorage Marathon earlier this morning. Don’t worry, full race recap to come soon.

  1. I finished!
  2. Alaska is beautiful! (But, I already knew that because this is my second visit).
  3. I clocked in with my slowest marathon time ever, but I don’t care!
  4. My left IT band/knee hurt quite a lot during the race.
  5. This marathon course was much harder than I anticipated. Who puts in THREE hills literally right before the finish??
  6. This was the first marathon that I actually walked a little bit (umm, like on those last hills) and … I don’t care!
  7. So thankful for the support of my friends, family, Bryce, and teammates near and far. And, my partner in training and pain, Joanna. I couldn’t have done this one without all of you.

Running while injured sucks. Racing while injured is, well, just very painful. I’m glad to be done!



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