Anchorage Marathon: 1 day ’til race day!

I’m finally starting to get excited about this race.

I’ve accepted the fact that I may not be as fast as I want to be. I’ve accepted the fact that my IT band may start hurting a few miles into the race.

The other day I was talking with my coworker-friend about whether or not I should even race with my Garmin. I felt that timing myself and seeing my (potentially very slow) splits would make me more stressed out during the race and not be beneficial towards having a fun and good time.

“But what if you wake up Saturday and your knee is magically better?” she said.

I’m not sure my knee will be any better tomorrow than it is right now.

But, as I have experienced in many past races, anything can happen on race day.

“You’re going to have so much adrenaline on race day, you won’t even notice your knee!” Bryce told me last night.

I hope so.

But, regardless of knee pain, this race is for you, Natalie.


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