Anchorage Marathon Goals

I’ve been putting off making a list of race goals.

My #1 goal for all of my past full marathons has always been: To PR.

The past two races, it was more specific: To break 4 hours.

Now, with an IT band issue, I have a different mindset.

Anchorage Marathon Goals:

  • Finish the race.
  • Run my own race.
  • Enjoy the course.
  • Stay positive.

These are all easier said than done – especially when you are accustomed to pushing yourself and full-out racing.


At Saturday’s last long run, one of my Team In Training teammates reminded me to enjoy the scenery during the Anchorage Marathon. He had done this race a few years ago.

“It’s beautiful. Enjoy the race!” he said.

Oh, I will.

4 days ’til race day!



2 thoughts on “Anchorage Marathon Goals

  1. Great advice from your teammate! Even if you don’t break 4 hours, you had an awesome training cycle and raised a bunch of money for a great cause so it is already a WIN! I will be cheering for you.

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