Road to Anchorage: 2 weeks ’til race day!

There has been no significant improvement with my IT band, but the pain is also not worse. So, I guess we can call this week a wash?


Rest day: 0 miles – Took advantage of the nice sunny holiday and went to meet the new clouded leopard cubs at the Point Defiance Zoo. There’s nothing better than baby animals to make you feel better about a running injury, right?


PT and short run: 3 miles – Went to PT at 7 in the morning. Met up with the Team in the afternoon and did a loop of Green Lake. IT band pain was off and on present. Joanna was nice and stayed back with me. At this point, I am taking all of my runs slow to preserve what’s left of my weak left knee!


Aqua jog: 20 min – I couldn’t handle not running on “National Running Day”so I hopped in my apartment’s tiny pool and aqua jogged, did some leg kicks along the wall and swam (a tiny bit, because like I said, the pool isn’t big enough for actually lap swimming).


Short run: 3.4 miles – I was able to make it to Thursday Night Flight Club at the Oiselle Store and ran around Ravenna and the U-District with some of my favorite people. It was really nice to run with volee teammates, Brenda and Marilyn! In fact, my IT band didn’t bother me too much since I was having so much fun!


Rest day: 0 miles – Nothing of significance. Bryce and I had a nice quick sunset walk along Richmond Beach after watching the U.S. lose to Colombia in Copa America pool play. (Or, if you had asked Bryce, we watched Colombia beat the U.S. – He has dual fandom.)


“Long run”: 7 miles – Our training schedule called for 9 miles today but I took it easy and stuck to 7 since I did 9 last week. Again, Joanna was a pal and went at a slower pace with me. Although, I was surprised that a few times we clocked in right under 9 minute pace, which felt no different to my knee than when we went 9:15/9:20 pace. I guess that’s a good thing? Our Team ran along Lake Washington Boulevard with an out and back to Seward Park. It was beautiful sunny weather!


Rest day: 0 miles – Woke up at 4 a.m. for a work event and was on my feet until nearly noon! Took a nap in the afternoon.

Takeaways: I am happy to report that I have been doing my PT exercises at least twice a day every day. Hopefully I can strengthen my glutes and hips in time before this race. I’m staying as (overly) optimistic as I can.


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