But, what about your marathon?

The Anchorage Marathon is two weeks away.

My IT band injury isn’t being horrible but at the same time, it hasn’t significantly improved in the last week.

This past week whenever I came across someone new to tell my injury story to (a friend, coworker, etc.,) everyone’s reaction has been the same: But, what about your marathon?

Today at PT, I asked my physical therapist if it would be OK if I raced Anchorage and pushed myself. I think I already knew the response before she said it.

“Oh, no. This won’t be a PR race for you.”

It’s so hard to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to fully race this race that I have spent so much time and energy training for over the last four months.

Not only that, but I feel like I am letting my training partner, Joanna, down.

On race day, will I just let her go off and run after that sub-4 hour time that we both have been striving to achieve? Do I attempt to stay with her as long as possible only to have a horrible race because I am in too much pain to enjoy the scenery?

I guess I still have two weeks to decide.

At least I am not fully sidelined from running.

I’ve been doing my PT exercises diligently, icing and resting a lot. I’ve been running very minimally and when I do, I have been going at a very slow pace so as not to aggravate my IT band/knee.

I’m grasping on to that last bit of hope that just maybe I will have no significant pain on race day and the stars and sun and moon will align — I will cross the finish line with Joanna with a big smile and a new PR.

I know that’s a lot to hope for.

But, I can still dream.



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