Road to Anchorage: Less than 3 weeks ’til race day!

I’ve been negligent in timely blogging mainly because this is a running blog and I haven’t been running much in the last week.

But Kristin, you’re training for a marathon, aren’t you?

Yes, I’m still scheduled to run the Anchorage Marathon on June 18 but I had a little blip in my training plan.

I had sudden left IT band pain that arose strong early last week. So … this is what the past week of training looked like …


Rest day: 0 miles – My IT band pain began the night prior to this day but on this day, I awoke with very bad pain. I couldn’t bend my left knee at all without severe pain! I’m not exaggerating when I say I was walking around my office with a limp. I iced a lot and scheduled an appointment with a physical therapist. (Thank goodness my insurance doesn’t require a doctor’s referral for PT!)


Rest day: 0 miles – The pain has subsided. I can walk normally. More icing.



PT day: 0 miles – Saw the same physical therapist I saw three years ago when I had IT band pain on the right side. Her words upon seeing me: It’s good to see you! I mean, it’s not good to see you! The verdict? I need to work on strengthening my glutes and hips. (I see lots of clam shells, bridges, and resistance-band crab walking in my present and future). Bryce cheered me up by taking me to eat one of my favorite comfort foods: Korean tofu soup.


Easy run: 4 miles – I ran with Joanna around our neighborhood at a slow pace. The knee/IT band was off and on achy. (FYI: My physical therapist says I do not have to quit running). Did my PT exercises.



Rest day: 0 miles – While I would have liked to run today, I took it easy. Did my PT exercises. Saw the Mariners lose at baseball …


Rest / gloomy day: 0 miles – I had planned to go with Joanna to our Team run and just “run as much as I could” with hopes of doing around 10 miles. (Before I got injured, Joanna and I had planned this day to be our 22 miler). No running happened because I woke up with pain in my upper abdomen / sternum. It hurt to move, especially turning my body side to side. I tried to do my PT exercises but my “stomach condition” made it too difficult. I pretty much spent the entire day watching Netflix, reading, napping and feeling sorry for myself. I may have cried once or twice since I had no idea what was causing my abdomen pain. (Dr. Google told me it could be anything from stress or cancer!)


Long run: 9 miles – I woke up with the abdomen pain mostly gone but lingering a bit. I decided that since my IT band felt more or less fine, I would give my long run a go. I was able to get nine rainy very slow miles in. They were more mentally challenging than physically challenging. By the end, my IT band felt pretty tender (which is why I stopped at nine and didn’t do 10). Feeling way more optimistic and positive than I did the day before!

Takeaways: Training doesn’t always go as planned. But, all I can do is listen to my body and stay positive.


2 thoughts on “Road to Anchorage: Less than 3 weeks ’til race day!

  1. Hang in there and try not to let it get you down. I’m still being patient myself, know how it feels. Don’t the Mariners always lose or am I not up to date …

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