ASICS changed my go-to shoe! Now what do I do?

Isn’t there a saying that shoes are a girl’s best friend? Or, did I totally make that up?

Well, I’m writing frantically to tell you that I have been a hardcore ASICS brand baby when it comes to running shoes. It’s the only brand I’ve worn all my running life, so since freshman year of high school. We’re talking 15 years of devotion!


The only reason I’ve been so devoted to ASICS is because it has worked this whole time. I’ve always sized up a half-size and my sort-of wide feet have been fine! (I don’t even get the “wide” model) I’ve had no troubles!

And, I haven’t just been devoted to the brand. I’ve been wearing the same model this entire time. I’ve been pounding the pavement, doing hill repeats, doing track workouts, long running on Saturdays, jogging on recovery Sundays and crushing marathon PRs all in the GT-2000 series shoe.



If you want to get all technical on me, then yes, I’m pretty sure the GT-2000 series hasn’t been around for 15 years. At the beginning of high school I started with a very similar ASICS shoe (I forget what the model was called) but they discontinued it and created the GT series.

Each year or so when the company upgrades/updates the model, I have had no qualms. My feet have been happy.

You can imagine what happened two months ago when I went into my local running store to find that the newest version, the GT-2000 (4), immediately felt tight and stiff and all-around no good. I didn’t even have to take a single step. It was uncomfortable to just stand in! I left the store feeling worried about the fate of my feet. What will I run in?

Not to worry, I had stocked up when Nordstrom Rack had the GT-2000 (3) — my current shoe — on sale a few months ago. But, now I only have one new pair sitting in my closet. By my calculations, I’ll probably need a new pair of shoes by the end of the year/beginning of next year (depending on what I decide to race next after my full marathon next month).

What if ASICS doesn’t change their next model version back to how it used to be? What if it will continue to be horrible for my feet? I’ve never had to look for a new shoe before!

I did a quick check online just now and I cannot find my current model available in my size anywhere. Most stores only have it in like a size 6 or a size 10 since it’s an outdated version now. (I know, I’m having a serious #firstworldrunningproblem right here!)

I should probably stop overreacting because this does not affect my current marathon training in any way what-so-ever.

Is this just the running world telling me that it’s time to completely transition to trail running?

I don’t think I’m ready to say good-bye to roads …


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