Road to Anchorage: 5 weeks ’til race day!

Five weeks. That seems like a long ways out. But, it’s also really no time at all.

So, is it time to start freaking out? Or, play it cool? I guess it’s probably always best to just play it cool.


Rest day: 0 miles – I started feeling ill / very warm and got one of those massive pounding headaches at the end of the work day. I even felt nauseous. Luckily I caught a ride home with a coworker and didn’t have to bus. I napped and ate a little dinner and went to sleep early.


Rest day (again): 0 miles – I went into work feeling better but not 100 percent normal. I worked a half day and slept the rest of the afternoon. I felt too exhausted to go on even a short run.


Track workout: 3 miles – I decided to do 4x800s since I missed my team’s 4×800 workout the night before. It was pretty warm out. I still kind of felt tired (but did manage a full work day). I was just glad I completed the workout in one piece.


Longer mid-week run: 7 miles – It was hot again in the afternoon. My left knee cap had been feeling wonky since Wednesday’s workout. It was a slow seven miles home but again, I completed the run in one piece. And, iced my knee when I returned home.



Rest day: 0 miles – Joanna and I had a fundraiser at a local bar as a final push for our fundraising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society before our June marathon. We were overwhelmed by the support of all of our friends (who brought their friends!) and probably got about 50 people out! We may or may not have been up until the bar closed at 2 a.m. Now, no more drinking until after the race.



Long run: 16 miles – I went into this run expecting to ride the pain train since the late-night fun from the night before resulted in not a full night of sleep. Joanna and I started our run at about 12:30 p.m. and thankfully it was cloudy and drizzly. (I was in no mood to fight the heat while running like a zombie!) We didn’t care about our pace, just that all the miles got done. And, they did. That left knee was at it again, feeling kind of annoying and uncomfortable. Thank goodness running is so much better when you have someone with you!


Recovery run: 0 miles – I was going to do a little 30-minute recovery run but my ultimate Frisbee team was going to be short on women (it’s a coed team) so I played ultimate instead. My left knee has been feeling better than it was earlier in the week so I am hoping — fingers crossed! — that it’ll behave itself!

Takeaways: 1) Give your body the rest it deserves. 2) I am surrounded by so many loving and supportive people – I couldn’t be doing all of this without them! If you are reading this, thank you!



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