Road to Anchorage: 7 weeks ’til race day!

I know, I know, I haven’t been good about posting these weekly training updates in a timely manner. Because, again, as you read this, we are less than seven weeks away from the Anchorage Marathon. But, again, bare with me — here’s what happened with training last week.


Rest day: 0 miles – No running! Core and strength training.


Mid-week long(er) run: 8.6 miles – Ran the long  way home and met up with my friend Smu to add a bit of an out-and-back to my run home. It was nice catching up with her and despite her saying “how slow” she is (because she is pregnant—yay!) but really, she wasn’t slow at all. And, I’m not just saying that because I know she is reading this.


Easy run: 5 miles – Ran my normal direct route home. My legs felt a bit tired and my calves tight for some reason. Maybe it’s because I was breaking into new running shoes?



Photo cred: Coach Tessa

Easy run: 2 miles – This run was supposed to be four miles before work, but my stomach was not having it so I had to end the run early and actually walk home. It was frustrating, but I think I made up for it by walking two miles after work to meet up with Joanna. We went to our Team’s Recommitment Party. So, in case there were any doubts at all, we are officially doing this marathon thing!


Rest day: 0 miles – Oh, sweet rest day that coincides with Friday. Phyllis helped me carbo load by eating pizza with me.



Photo cred: Coach Glen

Long run: 17.4 miles – It was a great day for a run with the Team in North Bend! We ran along the John Wayne Trail (a former rail road). It was an out-and-back that was a slight incline out so that meant a slight decline back! The weather was perfect for a morning run and despite Joanna not being able to make it, I ran with a few other teammates! I had an overall pace that was sub 9 and am happy with that.


Ultimate frisbee: 0 real running miles – I didn’t end up doing a recovery run. And, I don’t count my sprinting during ultimate as “running.” My team lost but it was a sunny morning so I couldn’t complain.

Takeaways: Feeling strong! And the sun we’ve been having in Seattle is making me feel happy! Now, to not slack on core and strength training …


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