The things my parents taught me as a kid

Two years ago I wrote about the “things my parents taught me as a kid” that I have taken with me into adulthood. All of these ideas and values still hold true for me today. In my unbiased opinion, I think it’s a good read so I wanted to share it again.

Plus, you probably need a break for hearing about marathon training!

Ready, set, KO!

The things my parents taught me as a kid, that I am grateful for as an adult

  • Always pack a lunch: My parents — usually my dad since he was the one who got us ready in the morning/drove us to school when we were too young to ourselves — packed lunch for my brother and I every single day. And, because I’m spoiled, I had a lunch packed for me I think through high school. That’s a lot of lunches 13 years times two kids. Even though I wasn’t the one who necessarily packed my own lunch, it’s a habit that has stayed with me in adulthood. When I had back-to-back two-hour classes followed by my downtown internship, I was packing sandwiches almost every day my senior year of college. Now that I’m a “working adult,” I still pack my lunch, usually leftovers from the previous night’s…

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