Road to Anchorage: 8 weeks ’til race day!

It was a pretty solid week of training. There was one run where I wanted to walk, but it was my own doing. The rest were pretty good. No complaints here with eight weeks to go until race day!



Rest day. Seattle hit the upper 80s so Bryce and I took full advantage and dined alfresco and skipped rocks into Puget Sound.


Finally made it to a Tuesday Team In Training run. There was unfortunately no designated track workout so Joanna and I decided to do hill repeats. We did four sets of the Upper Woodland hills. Adding in our warm up and cool down, we did about four miles total. It was very warm and the gnats were out in full force, but it was a good feeling to get the workout done. I run a lot of hills in general (because I live on a hill) but it was nice to do actual hill repeats for once. Afterwards, Joanna and I refueled at the Latona Pub with teammates!



Took an alternative run commute home to make a 9-mile route. It was very sunny out and I started around Lake Union with my lovely coworkers. I made the mistake of not bringing enough fuel because I met up with Bryce at UW to continue my run but had to wait ~30 minutes for him to be done with work. I knew ahead of time that I would need to wait so had planned to stretch and do core on a nice patch of grass on campus. I did that but when I started running again with him my body just felt so weak and tired. By this point it was a little after 7pm and I just wanted to not be running and to be eating dinner. He ran along with me until I was at about 6 miles and he had to head back to campus. I really wanted to walk the last 2 miles home but I slogged along instead.


Regular run commute home, so 5 miles. The hills don’t even seem so bad now that I have been run commuting home for nine months now! Also, I don’t know how this happened but I ended up wearing some purple on purple home on the day of Prince’s death. I have never worn this purple shirt with these purple shorts, ever! The world works in weird way sometimes. Did strength and core work when I got home.


Rest day. Bryce and I went to see Coppélia at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. I devoured a veggie burger and fries and salad beforehand.


Our Team In Training coaches had a flat long run route mapped out for us. Joanna and I did it faster than we thought we would, and the effort level was low. Meaning, we are faster than we thought we were!


IMG_5336Recovery run in the pouring rain. Bryce convinced me to do my 4 mile-shakeout at the St. Edwards trails. After about two miles with him I decided to run on my own in the nearby neighborhood because my legs were too tired for the hills. I ended up only doing a total of 3 miles but I am totally OK with that.

Takeaways: I feel fast again! But, I need to keep up with my strength and core training so I can also be strong.


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