Road to Anchorage: Actually 10 weeks ’til race day!

Remember last week when I said it was 10 weeks until race day?

Well, I miscounted.

With road races usually being on Sundays, I think I was thrown off with Anchorage Marathon being on a Saturday. That makes sense for my horrible math skills, right?

Now that I’ve suddenly “gained” a week of training, here’s what the past week looked like:


Rest day. Walked about three miles total today including to/from bus stops, during lunch, etc.Β Did strength and core.


Ran home from work. Straight home is 5 miles but I added a mile to make it 6 miles. The run felt “meh” but the weather was nice.


Ran 9 miles home so I really took the long way today! I was lucky to have a few coworkers join me for the first few miles. I tried to push the hills and did some speed work around Greek Lake clocking in a fast-for-me 8:11 and 8:27 splits in the middle of the run.


Wanted to beat the Seattle “heat wave” in the afternoon so forced myself to wake up early to do my easy 4 miles. It felt slow, but it got done before work!


Rest day AKA watched the Mariners lose our home opener (boo!)


Joanna and I met up with our Team at 8 a.m. for some beautiful morning miles through the Arboretum and up to Capitol Hill and back. We clocked in a total of 14.5 miles. The run didn’t feel horrible but it also didn’t feel super. My IT band and both knees were feeling a bit wonky so I made sure to ice afterwards.


Training plan called for 40 minutes of recovery but I opted to just play ultimate Frisbee instead. I should probably work on at least doing a few extra laps around the field next time?

Takeaways: Make more time for strength, core and foam rolling Tiger Tailing.


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