To race or not to race

I’m running the Go Long 5-20 Bridge Run tomorrow morning with 1,299 of my friends!

And, I haven’t decided if I will race or “just take it easy.”

A part of me wants to give it my all and see where my 10K baseline is at. After all, I did pay an extra 10 bucks for a timing chip for this race!

But, then the other part of me wants to just go at a leisurely, comfortable pace. You know, take in the sights of the new floating bridge ā€” which will be open for the first time to the public! Run/walk it before you drive across it (or something like that) is the race’s motto.

Coming off of a 50K, which was two weeks ago, I guess it’s not like my body is ready for full 10K race pace mode, anyway.

I’m trying to talk myself out of racing, so it seems.

Maybe I’ll decide on my drive to the race in the morning. Or, better yet, when I’m at the start line!




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