Ultra training: Last long run before the real run

I had been coming off of a cold / jet lag / return-to-normalcy-from-vacation / orienting to Daylight Savings time / fatigue — or to sum it all up, a funk when Bryce and I ventured out for our last long run before my first 50K.

We did a little more than 13 miles. It was supposed to be the 10K out-and-back of the actual race course, but we either accidentally added a bit or my Garmin is just way off. I’m hoping it’s the former.


This run took place Sunday.

For those of you who live in the greater Puget Sound area, you know what the conditions were like Sunday. People lost power from the windstorms. Some meteorologists were comparing it to a hurricane. It was rainy. It was grey. It was gross.

And, I was overcoming from being in my funk …

Bryce was kind and tolerant to run at my pace. For the first mile or so, that meant 9:45 pace. This felt like a hard 9:45 pace to me. I was using all my energy and effort on a more or less flat part of the course.

Luckily when we first started running, the rain had temporarily stopped.

Luckily when the rain started up again, I was too preoccupied with trying to catch another pair of runners in front of us to care.

I gained a little bit of self confidence once we passed the other runners. I pushed us to an 8:17 mile for that fifth mile because of it. And the crazy thing is that my effort level didn’t feel like it was at 8:17 minutes per mile.

Like I said, trying to kick the funk …

The “back” part of the out and back wasn’t very fun for me. I kept telling myself that during the actual race, I will be coming off of running ~24 miles so I should just suck it up. It did not help.


The wind started swooping in.

I felt like it was getting darker, although it was impossible since um, daylight savings time!

When we made it back to the car 13.65 miles later, I was relieved. I gave some sighs of relief and grunts as I walked with my head down.

“How am I supposed to do the race when this was so hard??” I said.

Bryce said something encouraging. I almost got knocked down by the car door that didn’t want to stay open because of those high winds. I was more than ready to go home.

Three days since that run, I feel good that I did it.


With this run, and the other one last month, I’ve now experienced the Chuckanut 50K course in its entirety.

I just have to complete it all in one sitting standing, er, running!


(Oh, and I run commuted home today in the sweet sunshine and I think it’s safe to say that I have finally diminished my funk!)


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