Becoming normal again

So, three days ago I wrote about how I was sick/had a cold and was getting anxious because I am running my first ultra in 10 days.

I was done “being sick” like two days ago but what I can’t shake is the fatigue/constant tiredness.

When I went back to work Friday and my coworkers asked me if I was better, my answer was, “Yes, I have no symptoms. But, I am so tired!”

After every night’s sleep or every day time nap, I keep hoping I’ll wake up energized and normal again.

That hasn’t happened.

I am drinking absurds amounts of EmergenC and orange juice in the event that my body is still fighting off remnants of a cold.

“Do you think it has anything to do with your iron?” Joanna asked me this morning.

I’ve been taking my iron supplements like I usually do so I don’t think my iron levels could just drop so significantly that I feel this tired. Right?

“You just did too much in Hawaii,” is my mom’s reaction.

Last week we were in paradise for a friend’s wedding and because I was only there for four days, I tried to pack as much activity into a day as I could.

“Your body is just catching up,” my mom says.

But, how much catching up does it need? I only ran 30 minutes this morning (because I have plans to do my last long run with Bryce tomorrow before our 50K next weekend) and then took a nap this afternoon.

I’m still tired.

This morning’s run was my first one in five days! I haven’t had a fever. The only symptoms I ever had was a sore throat and headache three days ago. I stopped taking cold medicine yesterday because I honestly don’t think I have anything anymore — except the fatigue. No body aches. No more sore throat or headache.

My eyes just keep having that “tired/sleepy feeling” and I don’t feel like doing much at all.

Hopefully this is just my body’s way of forcing me to taper/rest before my big race.

Hopefully it’s nothing more.


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