What I’m not giving up for Lent

I’m not Catholic but I went to a Catholic Jesuit high school.

Catholicism was by no means pushed on me during that four years of schooling. But, I did learn about the Lenten season.

Throughout college I “participated” in Lent. I usually gave up Facebook so I would have more time for studying. Now, several years out of college, I have a harder time figuring out what to give up. I don’t drink alcohol excessively. I don’t like sweets. Last year I gave up chips. (Salty junk food is my vice).

This year?

This time I’m focusing more about not giving up.

I’m training for my first ultra marathon — in the midst of training for a June road marathon — and I need to make sure I stay on track. I need to do my best to run when I don’t want to. I need to do my best to make sure I am getting enough miles logged in on the weekends.

My race is March 19, so a week and one day before Easter.

Today my coworker asked me if I wanted a ride to Green Lake. I live about two miles away from Green Lake and she had given me a ride there earlier this week since I didn’t want to run the full five miles home that day. (My training plan didn’t call for five miles that day, don’t worry!)

But, I had planned to run the entire five miles home today.

“Uhhhh. No, but, thank you,” was my response.

It would have been so easy to catch a ride and avoid a potential rainy run home after a long work day. But, I didn’t give in to the temptation.

And, easy doesn’t get you prepared for your first ultra.



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