Gotta run / Not running / Gotta run

When I left work this morning, I knew I would be doing my run (3-4 miles) around our neighborhood with Joanna after work.

When I was waiting for the bus after work in the pouring rain, I started having doubts.

“Why is it always crummy weather when we decide to run after work?,” I texted Joanna as I waited for the now 15-minute delayed bus.

“Ugh I know … it’s horrible out,” she texted back.

Well, she wasn’t making any indication that she wanted to back out of the run.

As the minutes ticked by, I kept telling myself that we were going to run, and that it would not be horrible.

The bus ride took forever.

Seattle traffic is no one’s friend and everyone’s enemy. Why we can’t drive in the rain, I will never understand. Because it rains all the time!

By the time I arrived home it was nearly 6:30 p.m. (If my bus hadn’t been late and the traffic normal, I should’ve arrived home just a few minutes after 6!) The rain continued to pour down.

“Are you going to run,” Joanna asked me?

She was now leaning towards not running.

I was torn.

A large part of me did not want to go back outside. A small part of me wanted to run just to stick to my schedule since I am training for my first ultra and all.

The more I lingered on my answer, the more Joanna was leaning toward not running tonight. Besides, she has a soccer game at 10 p.m. (I know! So late!) so I couldn’t blame her for not wanting to run.

I ate a quick snack and changed into my running clothes. I wore my reflective jacket and put my cap and headlamp on to face the elements.

It turned out to be a short but good run. I only did 3 miles. I added on two laps on a paved loop in a nearby park. At first I was a little “scared” to run in the park since it was dark but once I started on the path, I felt at ease and calm. It was nice to not be directly next to loud cars. I shortened my stride and picked up the pace. (I did look over my shoulder a few time). The loop is just short of 800 meters.

For as much running as I do, I don’t always feel like a runner. But, running on that pathway tonight, I felt like a strong runner. I didn’t even care about avoiding puddles. Also, it had stopped raining!

The main reason I went out to run? Yes, the fact that I have my first ultra next month played a part. But, also the fact that I know my Oiselle teammates are out there working their butts off. The fact that my coworker was run-communting home tonight. The fact that a Twitter-friend posted about going for a run even though it was raining.

I pulled from everyone else’s energy to get out there and run.

You all inspire me so much.


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