In running: Levels of crazy

When I first started running half-marathons in college, other people were “pretty impressed.”

“How do you run that long? Don’t you get bored?” The questions like these ones kept rolling in on the daily.

Back then I wasn’t even racing. I mean, I didn’t know about proper nutrition. I didn’t know how to properly train to get faster. I didn’t so speed work.

I just ran.

Because I liked to run.

But eventually I learned that it’s also fun to really train and to crush your PRs.

And then it became fun to try new distances, to log in more miles.

I started training and racing full marathons. Six years ago after completing my first full marathon, I never would have even dreamed of being a sub-4 hour marathoner.

Today, I’m not a sub-4 hour marathoner.

But, I am training every day to become one. (OK, yes, there are rest days but rest days are included in training, right?)

The goal is to cut off at least 1 minute and 19 seconds from my marathon time because my current PR is 4:01:18. (I know, it pains me too).

But before the Anchorage Marathon in June, I’ll be tackling my first ultra marathon in March. An ultra is any distance longer than a standard marathon (so, 26.2 miles).

“What’s wrong with you? You have issues,” my coworker sarcastically said to me last week when I mentioned my plans for the weekend included doing a 25K for fun as a volunteer.

I tried to explain that in the realm of runners, I wasn’t that crazy.

“There are runners crazier than I am,” I replied. “There are people out doing 50-milers, and 100-milers, or more!”

It’s all relative, right?

My normal is someone else’s crazy. Someone else’s normal is my crazy.

I shake my head when I think of my 22-year-old self who ran her first half-marathon in a cotton T-shirt and only took a few cups of water during the summer race.

If anything, I was pretty crazy back then!


4 thoughts on “In running: Levels of crazy

  1. Haha! This is so true! Everything is relative with running. There is always somebody who runs more, runs faster, runs longer, etc. But we are all still a little crazy! : )

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