Opting to run

I’ve gone beyond “just run commuting.”

Now I’m running to do errands.

I’ve stopped off at the grocery store a few times on the way run home from work. But, that’s not too extreme since there’s a Safeway on the road home, so I literally do not have to go off course.

But, today I brought my running clothes into work for a different reason. (Yes, did you notice how I didn’t say running clothes and shoes? It’s because I recently decided to keep an extra pair of running shoes at work just in case!) I brought the gear so that I could run to my doctor’s appointment.

Sounds a little weird, I know.

Yesterday I looked up the bus route from my office to my doctor’s office. Google told me I would need to take two separate buses and that the entire journey would take 35-40 minutes! (It provided two options, one was 35 minutes, and the other 40). Then, when I mapped the walking route, Google told me it would take 40 minutes …


Thus, running there and back seemed like the best option, obviously.

It was 1.8 miles each way β€” going there I had some insane hills, but it was all in good fun, right? Err, all in the name of health?


That time above was the up-hill battle to the doctor. Running home was much faster! And, I lucked out and didn’t catch any rain at all!

I did however apologize once to the nurse and a second time to my doctor for showing up all sweaty.

“Oh, that’s way your blood pressure is a little high,” the nurse said after checking it. “But, still well within the normal range!”

She also added in a “Good for you!” So, there you have it. Nurse approved.

Always opt to run. You won’t be sorry.


7 thoughts on “Opting to run

  1. You are inspiring me to run commute to work πŸ™‚ I live just north in Bellingham, so the weather is generally amenable to this. Now, if I can get my PF under control, this will be a great step. Are you carrying your work clothes in via back pack daily?

    • Awesome! Great to hear from a fellow WA runner πŸ™‚ You should totally give it a try! I bus into work and only run home (not, every day though). Because my work doesn’t have a shower. So, the days I do not run home, I haul back all my lunch tupperware, jackets, etc. (things that don’t fit into my Osprey running pack). Good luck!

      • I have a dog to bring along, so I think I could drive in on Mondays and bring outfits for the week, work hard on not sweating too much, and put daily food in a pack…..sweet inspiration, thanks!

  2. I wish I could run commute to work. I’m about 3 miles from work — it’d be perfect. Unfortunately my work doesn’t have showers or anything and it would not work well at all 😦 Good for you for being able to run commute everywhere!!

    • Hi Britanny! I don’t have a shower at work either. So, I’m only run commuting home (every other day). The days that I don’t run home, I am hauling all my extra clothes, lunch tupperware etc. in a big bag/pack and busing home. I hope you’re able to work something out and give it a try because it’s a great way to get your run in! πŸ™‚

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