Overflowing with love

Maybe I should wait until February 14 for this type of post, but I just can’t hold it in.

I am overflowing with love.

I hate asking people for help. I’d rather get things done on my own. Most often, it’s that I don’t want to inconvenience others. (Don’t worry, as I have gotten older, I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to ask for help!)

And, right now, I’m in one of those times.


I’m about three weeks into fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a member of LLS’ Team In Training and will be racing the Anchorage Marathon in June. My friend Joanna (pictured to the right in that photo above) and I are embarking on this journey together.

I am touched by all of the support I have received from friends and family. In the three weeks of fundraising, I am already at 44 percent of my goal! I have been blown away by how many friends have already donated. I have been blown away by the email responses I have received. I have been blown away by my friends’ willingness to help more even after donating money. (Thank you!)

One of my friends even submitted a donation literally five minutes after I had sent her an email inquiring about it. (Thank you!)

I know that many of my friends are not in the position to give a lot, which I completely understand, but have contributed to my fundraising efforts even while in various graduate programs. (Thank you!)

I met up with one friend the other week and she told me her work messed up big time on paperwork and that she hadn’t received her full paycheck last month. (She is not a new hire, by the way! And, has been working her normal full-time hours! Is this even legal?) My response was, “Oh my goodness! Do you want your donation back?” Her reply was, “I’m sorry I can’t donate more! I will donate more once I get paid fully again.”

Every time I receive an email notification from LLS indicating that a new donation has been received, I feel as if I have won something. But, this money isn’t for me. These donations go directly to blood cancer patients and their families as well as for blood cancer research.

Isn’t it kind of sad that we live in a world where there isn’t ample funding for something as significant as cancer research?

I want to live in a world where my children won’t have to ask their peers to donate to such a cause. Because, the cancer research will be all done.

For now though, I’m having trouble putting into words how thankful I am for my friends and family who support me each and every day on this mission to get closer to finding a cure, and to support current patients. And, it’s not just the monetary donations. (Of course, money is great!) Even words of encouragement and running training miles with me mean so much.

Thank you seems so insignificant.

But, thank you all so much.

I’m overflowing with love.


To learn more about why I’m fundraising and running with Team In Training, read here and/or here! To learn about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, go here


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