Getting back to normal


These feet were made for running!

I’m finally feeling like my old self again.

With the cold/flu season for the year behind me, I can finally focus on more important things! Don’t worry, I didn’t have the flu. I just had a bad head cold that had me out of commission (on both the work front and running front) for a week!

And now that I’m fully functioning at both of those activities again, I finally feel normal.

Tuesday’s run home was not-so-great just because it was my first run-commute home in nearly two weeks! And, it was super rainy. Once my feet and socks are soaked, a so-so run can turn miserable pretty quickly. I was just happy that I made it home in not-my-slowest-time home.

I’m excited to be back training.

While I am training for the Anchorage Marathon in June, my immediate attention is on Chuckanut — the 50K (aka 30-ish-mile) trail race I’ll be tackling in mid-March! (I know, I know, I’m kind of crazy).

After signing up for the ultra last week, I came to the scary realization that I have exactly 10 weeks to train for this thing. (Now writing this, it’s down to 9!)

Is that enough time now that I’m “behind” from getting sick? What have I gotten myself into?

All these thoughts started coming in. Phyllis, thinking sensibly, told me to hold off on my first 50K for another time. But, once I told her I already paid the pretty hefty registration fee … it was kind of like “OK, let’s do this!”

One of my coworkers who is a seasoned trail runner told me that since I did the Cle Elum 25K in September with no significant problems, I’ll definitely be able to do Chuckanut. Cle Elum also measured out to 18 miles so I’ll only be running ~12 miles more, right? She is an optimist but I am taking that optimistic approach from now until March!


Saturday run with my new friend, Bobby!

Saturday I did 10 miles in the grey, rainy Seattle weather. My first 5 miles began at 7:30 a.m. when it was still dark. I was lucky that one of my Team In Training coaches met me early and brought a friend. The second 5 miles were with the team.

I was sore the rest of the day because we had been clipping away at a fast-ish pace (plus I had played a game of ultimate Frisbee the night before and I haven’t been sprinting around on the ultimate field for a few months!)

It’s a good feeling though. It’s a good feeling to be out running with new friends, knowing that you’re running for yourself and for those who cannot.


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