2015 Running Year in Review


This year I completed:

1 marathon
2 half marathons
1 12K race
1 10K race
2 5K races
1 25K (trail) race
1 relay race

So, as you can see, it was a very diverse running year for me. It was my first time racing the 12K distance, and taking on a trail race longer than 6 miles! That 25K trail race was probably the scariest (running-related) thing I did all year! I also faced my fear of 10Ks and gave a stab at that race distance after five years since my first one!

Racing/running outcomes I am proud of:

  • I never cried after a race. In the past, I have had a few marathons that I broke down after because I was so distraught that I didn’t reach my goal time(s). I would beat myself up about it immediately after crossing the finish line.
  • Getting closer to breaking 4. This year, I trained hard for the Eugene Marathon, didn’t reach my goal, but finished strong and was satisfied with my time. My goal is to break 4 hours at the marathon and now that I am at 4:01:18, I know it will happen very soon. With a time so close, I have that reassurance and confidence in myself again.IMG_3819
  • Run commuting. This year I started run-commuting! What started
    out as a summer after-work activity has now turned into a good habit. I try to run home at least once a week with the “high run commute weeks” being three runs. It’s been a great way to get my run in and beat the bus home!

  • Being injury-free. After having IT band issues at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, I have taken core and strength training seriously. This past year I made great efforts in taking care of my body and making other parts of my body (than just my legs) stronger. While I still have the off-and-on “feeling” in my IT band, the pain hasn’t returned. (Knock on wood!) I’ll just keep on with the strength, core and foam rolling!


  • Getting to know more of my Oiselle Volee team! I have enjoyed running with and connecting with my fellow local teammates. (You know who you are!)


I think my last race of this year, the 12Ks of Christmas, pretty much sums up how 2015 running and racing went for me. I was jumping for joy as I crossed that finish line. And, I can’t wait for 2016 — for more running and racing by myself, with friends, family and teammates!




4 thoughts on “2015 Running Year in Review

  1. wow! congratulations on your achievements… I hope I can do the same thing with your running career! I just started this year trying 3k and 5k. Hopefully, I can reach 21k by the end of 2016. thanks again for your post! 😊

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