For 12Ks, we race in dresses

I’m behind on blogging, and with some “timely” year-in-review posts I want to crank out before New Year’s Day, this race recap will be short and sweet — just like the dress I raced in!

The Sunday before Christmas, Phyllis and I ran the 12Ks of Christmas race in Kirkland. Neither one of us had done this race before but we figured it would be a fun one to race in our dresses.

Yes, dresses.

Oiselle has a bridal line so Phyllis raced in the bride’s white running dress and I wore the yellow bridesmaids one. (I’m not sure if it is because I am “so much taller” than Phyllis or what, but my dress was significantly shorter than hers!)


Before race photo [photo cred: Andrew, groom]

We arrived early and while waiting to pick up our race bibs, thought about switching down to the 5K option.

“How long is a 12K?” we were asking each other.

Clearly we came prepared. We hadn’t looked up the course. We hadn’t calculated how many miles 12 kilometers is. We were just here for some miles in dresses together.

We also didn’t know there was going to be a staggered start, so we started dead last. (And, luckily finished somewhere in the middle of the pack). So, there was a lot of weaving and passing joggers/walkers for the first few miles.

But, we weren’t here to race. We were here to run in dresses.

And, while we agreed to “not race” since neither one of us was in any shape to, we did kill the uphills and it felt pretty bad ass to pass people while running in a dress!


Waving right before the finish [photo cred: Andrew, groom]

We clocked in at 1:09:51 — 9:22 pace — so we were happy with a sub-10 min/mile time and even happier that we were sub 1:10.

It was pretty fun. It was cold. We chatted for a majority of the race. We ran in an area that we had never run before. Plus, being around other runners decked our in their Christmas costumes and outfits was great! It made the fact that we were running in dresses not so weird.

This was my first race at the 12K distance ever. This was also my first time racing in a dress.

If I were to run in a dress for anyone, it would be Phyllis.


Happy running bride [photo cred: myEPevents

Plus, it would be bad form for the maid of honor to deny the bride anything, right?


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