Seattle Half 2015 Recap

I have a lot of races that I train pretty consistently for, but then for whatever reason, I do not take the last week very seriously.

This happens quite often with the Seattle Half, with its proximity to Thanksgiving.

I stay up too late baking pies the night before the day of feasting. And then my cousin and I will go Black Friday shopping and stay up late Thanksgiving night and/or Black Friday morning.

Dreams of actually racing the Seattle Half go down the drain (along with my wallet from said Black Friday shopping) and I figure I will just “push myself” and not expect any miraculous PR or anything.

After all, if you’re going to race, you can’t be depriving yourself of sleep those crucial nights before race day!

This year’s race, I was not only busy but was emotionally drained. I had back-to-back funerals around Thanksgiving. The race was at the bottom of my mind.

So, I really didn’t know what to expect that Sunday after Thanksgiving.

But, With Joanna and Mo by my side for a majority of the 13.1 miles, I had a pretty darn good race.


Taking our photo before the race!

We didn’t start in our appropriate corral because we attempted to hit up the portapotties before the start. So, there was a lot of weaving at the beginning. It was cold and maybe shorts was a poor decision on my part.

We also had to be extra careful out running that morning. It was so icy and the roads were not salted. One woman even fell near us when we were running the I-90 expressways! (She got up and thankfully was OK).

But, there’s a feeling of nostalgia whenever I run this race. I guess it’s because I have done it so many times and the course runs by my high school!

My main goal of the race was to clock in around 1:50 (or sub-1:50). Mo was my trusty calculator since my Garmin was worthless after we went through the I-90 tunnel and lost signal.

I felt pretty good the entire race. Of course, that Madison hill was tough per usual. It was a nice treat to have my Oiselle teammates at the top cheering and screaming for me though!

The last 5K was also a struggle but I told myself to just stick with Mo for as long as I could. And, I did a fairly good job. She stayed within eye sight!

Final time was 1:48:32. (My next-best time to my actual half PR, and a Seattle course PR for myself).


The whole gang!

Not too bad for a sleep-deprived runner. Not too bad for half marathon #20.

I love that I have friends who will train and race with me. I love that I have a body that will not quit running.


I love that we had a rain-less Seattle Half 2015.


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